Bohus Castle, Șiria

  • National heritage number:
  • AR-II-m-A-00651
  • Address:
  • Regimentul Street 85 Infanterie 162

Bohuș castle was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The building is structured into 30 premises. The principal parts of the building are the balcony and the façade, which is adorned with Doric columns.

The castle was built in Classicist style with the typical aspects of the buildings in the area of the Transylvanian Plain. In the present the Memorial Museum of Ioan Slavici and Emil Monția functions here. On the one hand the personal belongings of the famous writer, Ioan Slavici are exposed, who was born in Șiria, on the other hand there is an exposition of the well-known composer, Emil Monția, who spent most of his life in this settlement.

Not far away from the castle there is the statue of Antonei Bohuș, the man after whom the castle was named. He became well-known with the support of the rebels who were convicted after the 1848-49 revolution (Eftimie Murgu was one of them).

How do you get here?

How do you get here?


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