Haller Castle, Gârbou

  • SJ-II-a-B-05055
  • Gârbou commune, Gârbou village, nr. 202
  • dated to:
  • 18th century

The building standing on a small hill, the fountain, the chapel and the decorated gateway were built in the second half of the 18th century, during the Haller era. The constructions were ordered by János Haller V., whose memory is kept by the inscribed stone tablet and family crest situated between stone lions on the stone gate’s pediment.

In 1781 Miklós Wesselényi (III.) passed through this gateway in order to start a siege because he wanted to take revenge on a Lord in his neighborhood, following an unsuccessful horse fair. The remains of the Haller Castle are only a few scattered stones. The ensemble was built in Baroque style. After the Jósika family gained ownership, a new castle was built in the garden because they considered the original one quite small and unsuitable for them. The old building became the house of servants.

In the garden remains of a fountain, built in the 1760’s, and a chapel (1783) can be seen. János Jósika I. built another castle beside the chapel, which had an extremely valuable library in it. They received this library from the Csáky family as a dowry. The buildings perished in 1944 and the villagers took away the remained stones.

How do you get here?

How do you get here?


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