Urmánczy Castle, Toplița

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  • address:
  • unknown
  • dated to:
  • 1903-1906
  • ownership:
  • private property

Urmánczy Castle was constructed between 1903 and 1906, on a small elevation of the Mureș plateau, close to the riverbank. The construction of the castle was commissioned by Urmánczy Jeromos, a landowner of Armenian descent. It was designed by the Tyrolean architect Giacomuzzi Vigilio, who arrived in the region during the construction of the Szekler belt line. The castle’s modern secessionist style was pioneering in its time,  and is architecturally unique among Transylvania’s castles.

The castle has been modified several times. Its destruction began in September 1944, when the Soviet and Romanian troops moved in. The family was banished from the region and their fortune was confiscated. A hospital functioned in the castle and its outbuildings starting from 1963. In order to improve the building’s functionality, new floors were conceived in the building’s foyer and dining-room, which had previously had tall ceilings. The wooden stairway was also dismantled. The most significant damage was caused by the construction of the city’s new hospital, which not only covered the castle’s facade, but also left it without a function. The park has also been maimed: Apart from the hospital, a large administrative building, as well as a few apartment blocks were built on the estate that once belonged to the castle.

Property status: The property was restored to the family’s descendents in 2009. The state is temporarily running a museum and cultural centre in the castle.

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How do you get here?


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