Pongrácz Castle, Cadea Mare
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  • Address:
  • Cadea Mare
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  • public property

The simple building, with rectangular ground plan, is covered with a jerkin-head roof. The main entrance is located on the symmetry axis of the main facade. Above the main entrance there is a balcony resting on 4 columns, which can be accessed from the representative room from upstairs. 

Once, the castle had a major garden as well as a beautiful park, which today is heavily overgrown and its remains are waiting their fate to turn right.On the middle of the farmland, south to the park, there is the family chapel of the former Prongrácz family. Until 1944 the castle was owned by the Prongrácz family, which then was taken by the Romanian state. Today, the castle functions as a social institution. The descendants of the family are trying to recover the estate, that rightfully belongs to them.

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