Teleki Castle, Gornești
  • National Monument Number:
  • MS-II-a-A-15689
  • Address:
  • Gornești nr. 479
  • Dated to:
  • Ownership:
  • private property

Similar to the Haller Castle in Sânpaul, this castle has also a „U” -shaped ground plan, in the style of the so-called Grassalkovich palaces. The most beautiful part of the castle is the great hall located on the upper floor, where the original plaster, the two rococo white porcelain stoves and three chandeliers have been preserved.

 The architect never saw Transylvania, Schmidt Pál being the constructor who performed the construction works, until his death in 1789. After that, the construction works were taken over by several people, including his successor Topler János from Târgu Mureş and then his son Schmidt Konstanz. The works lasted until 1803, the year in which the castle has gained its aspect from today. The building was built under the guidance of three generations of the Teleki family. The first stage of construction began in 1772, with the demolition of the old castle and lasted until the spring of 1778, when Teleki László died. At that time the central corpus of the castle was almost finished. The aspect of the castle is due to the influence of the Count's wife, Ráday Eszter, as after marriage, the Ráday family has acquired most of the estates from Pest county, this acquisition clearly influencing the design of the Gorneşti castle. A few years ago, the castle functioned as an orphanage.
Ownership: It was returned to the Teleki family.

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