Jancsó Manor, Bicfalău
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  • Bicfalău

The two-storey house with porch is built out of stone and brick. Its triangular frontispiece contains the inscription of the year 1918. The building has a jerkin-head roof covered with tiles. The manor is not inhabited, its owner probably uses as a weekend house.

The original, vaulted cellar entrance is located on the right side of the building, the jack arched door from the gable from the gate side was probably placed there sometimes later. The weight of the building, the difference of the roof planes, clearly demonstrates that initially the manor consisted of two rooms and a porch supported by simple, square pillars, located on the western corner. The third, smaller room was added later, so the porch got into the middle axis.

Source: Transylvania, the land of Manors, Cova Print, Sfântu Gheorghe, 2005

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