Kemény Manor House, Șărmășag
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  • Address:
  • Șărmășag
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  • public property

The manor house was built in 1745 by Farkas Kemény, the nephew of János Kemény.

Șărmășag Commune used to belong to the Sarmasághy family, but after János Kemény married Ana, the daughter of János Sarmasághy, the estate became the Kemény family's property. In 1893 the Kemény estate was bought by the rich merchant Fröhlich Albin. His wife, Paula gave birth to two children: Henrietta and Albin. The latter has adopted the son of Henrietta, Wersebe Hartwig, who changed his name to Wersebe-Frölich Hartwig. He inherited the manor. After the nationalization the manor house has functioned as school, clinic, hospital and police station. The condititon of the building is deteriorating continuosly.

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