Ilyés Szabolcs
  • Workplace:
  • RegioConsulting

ILYÉS Szabolcs has extensive experience in attracting EU funds for development as the director of  RegioConsultingcompany. He dealt with numerous monuments restoration projects, and the in Castle in Transylvania project he presents the possibilities of fund raising  and how to administrate these funds.

"Unlike in the previous cycle, between 2014-2020 more than 50 M EUR  will be available for the restoration of monuments of category A and B. The Hungarian government or any other institution will not provide as significant opportunities for restoration of Transylvanian Hungarian monuments as the funding of the new cycle EU budget. It is particularly important now to grasp this opportunity because we can raise significant funds, but we must act quickly, to get ready in time to attract these grants. The funding period could be considered a historic chance for built heritage . "