See you on the 17th of August for the Transylvanian castles

The PONT Group will organize the first conference and public meeting of the Castle in Transylvania – strategies and development models project on the 17th August 2015, to be held in the Sapientia University in Cluj-Napoca (4. Calea Turzii).

The venues and dates of the event are not random. We plan the conference on the second day of the Hungarian Days in Cluj-Napoca since this latter event is considered one of the main programs in the Transylvanian and Cluj-Napoca’s cultural life. The Sapientia University contributes an important element to the academic life of Cluj-Napoca that affects our project, too.

Participants will work in 6 thematic working groups led by professionals:

Monument restoration and preservation
The modern cult of castles
Rehabilitation of castle gardens
Castle and tourism
Rural development
Castles in the labyrinths of law

The Castle in Transylvania – strategies and development models project is supported by funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway trough the Minisrty of Culture – Project Management Unit in the cadre of “Conservation and Revitalization of the Cultural and Natural Patrimony” – financed trough SEE 2009–2014 Financiar Mechanism with an amount of 235.107,43 RON.